The One With The Owl On It

by No Pretty Pictures

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Over a year in the making, this album is finally finished. Amongst the trials of corrupted files, and many re-recording sessions, I have prevailed. Even as I type, I think of how I could scratch this whole album and record it again, having just as much pleasure I have had in making it, yet think how it would sound exponentially better with all that I have learned in the process. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved writing and creating it. And now, it is off to music school! Catch you on the flip-side.


released April 16, 2012

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Strings, Drums, Glockenspiel, Mandolin by John Poole

Trumpet on "They'll Be Back, And In Greater Numbers" by Warren Cutlip

Album Artwork by Chris Rodgers



all rights reserved


No Pretty Pictures Charleston, West Virginia

NPP is an indie, progressive, post-rock outfit from Charleston, WV. We love pushing the parameters of music, and try to make each song individual and it's own entity. We hope you enjoy every last tune!

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Track Name: Go-Mart Crack Lighter
"I know, I know, I know
I cannot stay in this place
So I'd best be on my way

I know, I'd love to go where I
Am not known, by anyone
And so, I must

"Come now, come now;
Calm down," she said,
"Quiet those hurried thoughts,
Rushing around.
Slow down, breathe in, come down.
Follow the flowing streams
To the shoreline."

"Come; rest your eyes
My little child
Lay your head down
A little while
Come away,
From this night
Rise again,
And go in the morning light

"Light in the dark;
Open my door.
You've brought me to this shoreline;
Carry me away.

But I cannot
Swim through these waves
Take me away
To what may remain."
Track Name: Two Very Different Things (Where I'd Like To Be)
Oh, my God
I get so lonely

Where I am now
And where I'd like to be
Are two very different things

I calculate
All time and space
Between us
You're so far away
From my grasp

Oh, my God
I get so lonely

Where you are now
Is where I'd like to be
Two very separate planes
Of existence

In the dark night
Of my soul, I
Long for some embrace
Only you could give me
Which I seldom ever see
Will you ever?
Will you ever,
Return to me?

Tears have been my food
Endless nights of days
Take me, oh my God
Save, I fall into despair
Track Name: Letters to Keren
I know you know
How life goes
The joys and woes
Of this grand facade

Things take time
To fall into place
To find your grace
A balance

On this path
Through the corridors
You'll find your way

The grace you have;
Lean into it
The love you give;
Receive it back

Some things take time

All beautiful things,
To those who wait
All wondrous things
To those without haste

Oh, dear love
These things take time
Oh, dear love
It'll be alright

Track Name: They're Eating Her! And Then They're Gonna Eat Me! OH MY GOOOOOOO...
Candelabrum grace these old walls
Soft light cascades,
Across the corridors
I take your hand
And begin
To lead so gently down
The hallway
Casting the shadows, everlong
Oh, let me lead
Let me be strong

How I wish
To be everything
You need
Oh, I know
I'll never be

My hands
Always lose touch
With those that I love
And care for so

All good things
Must have an ending
I have lost
My steady footing
Spiral down the staircase
No banister,
There's no safety

I guess down here we will
Dance forever
I guess down here we will
Dance alright

We will dance!

We walk in line
And we dance in
Perfect time
We separate
All love from grace

Oh, how we dance!
Track Name: Serpentine
Leave me to my thoughts;
They’ll guide me to the sea,
Take me underneath:
Lead me to an early, floating grave

Bound up and chained
Left in the dark
The chase I cannot shake
Unraveled and falling
Apart at the seams

Voices in my head
Ghosts that take my mind,
As I sleep;
Running back and forth
In and out, between
This serpentine

I am losing face
They are always calling after me
The voices in my head
The anchor has been severed,
Left me out at sea

There is no mitigation
For what they ask of me
There is no compromising
Please, carry on without me
Track Name: Now or Never
Eyes turn, arms fold
And now I’ve said too much
Spoken out of turn,
Coarse, crass
And after the hush
I pause, take a breath,
Give a retraction
What’s done is done,
I should have just kept
My mouth shut

Hands clasped
Hands folded
Hands for me to guide
Love may be blind,
I guess that’s why
My hands feel tied

Hands that want,
Hands that give,
Hands that never receive
I suppose it’s better to not cater
Life’s complexities

I know I,
Must decide
On which way,
I should take

Here I sit, in the dark
As quiet as dawn
Watching static on a screen
Covered in snow
Last call beckoned out
Some hours ago
Packed my clothes,
I’m at the door
But I’m not ready to go

Hesitate, vacillate,
And I dither about
Check my wrist, fleeting pulse
And I’m almost out
Of time to think, time to plan
Time to make that grade
“It’s now or never,” said a voice
In the back of my head

Break the chain off the door
And change the locks
Hell if I know what’s right
But I’m not coming back
To this place, these habits
This way of life
It’s done me no good
And I now I’m ready to
Track Name: Pi
Instrumental, to the rhythm of Pi.

Example, a normal song would have measure of 6 or 8, I wrote a song to the beat of 3-1-4-1-5, etc.
Track Name: Treasure
From these heights;
Tiny pinpricks of light
Shine in your eyes
Shine in your eyes

Our secret treasure,
Hiding place in this desert
I wish to go
Where we are not known
Our secret treasure,
I wish to
Disappear with you


I'll soon go back to
Undiscovered eyes
A window to
The part of you
That never dies

You spawn from raindrops
You shine in the sunrise
Dance on the rooftops
And trickle down to the soft earth

Rain, rain - stay with me
Track Name: Waves
Remember, October?
On those cold nights
You said, "We'll never die."

Forfeit my sleep,
To awaken only, to grief
I said, "Fair well,"
To friends, but I
Didn't really want them
To leave

I love you
But I cannot go on
I am sorry
If this leaves you alone
I love you
But I cannot go on
I am sorry
But this is, "Goodbye"

I can
Not swim
Through these waves
They keep
Me under
For, seemingly, days
I can
Not swim
Through these waves
That keep me under

I don't think I
Will see out this night
Track Name: Sails
Your hand in mine
In love, and wide-eyed
Blessing in disguise
My sails are open wide
To commandeer this storm
And reach the other shore

I have traveled by
The cover of night
To paint your face, alive
In these Northern lights