Bodies EP

by No Pretty Pictures

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released December 29, 2014



all rights reserved


No Pretty Pictures Charleston, West Virginia

NPP is an indie, progressive, post-rock outfit from Charleston, WV. We love pushing the parameters of music, and try to make each song individual and it's own entity. We hope you enjoy every last tune!

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Track Name: Catalyst
Track Name: Bodies
I heard the voice of God
It came in no shaking earth
It came in no rushing wind
It came in a still, soft voice

I have heard
More than words;
Spark the catalyst,
Ready to ignite
And I have felt
The weight unfurl;
Carried ever on,
Never to see light

We are so much more
Than bodies, alive
We will carry on
Like torches in the night
And we will set ablaze,
This world will be alight
With our flaming tongues
And fire in our eyes

Oh, come to me
Be my peace
Raise the gates,
For soon I'll leave
With a cross to bear
And a cup to drink
I will carry on
And never lie beneath

I will drink down death like water
And I will soldier forward
I'll fill my cup twice over
Death, I'll feel your sting nevermore
Track Name: Lockdown
On this ladder
Of broken rungs
Cloak and dagger,
She carries on
And suffocates me,
Closing off my lungs
“What’s the matter?”
She asks,
As I come undone

I’m sick of this maze,
Her culpable ways
That prey upon me,
Lashing out her rage
The egregious ties
She forces to bind
The fight for control
To manipulate my soul
The asinine ways,
So carried away
I’m stuck in her flow
Like a varicose vein
Languid and lost,
My future, the cost
That I’m forced to pay
For autonomy

She got me on lockdown
With a deadbolt
She got me on lockdown now
Hanging by a thread, oh
I’m a scapegoat
So that she can have it all

I can’t get enough space
I can’t get enough space
Torpid, languid days
And I can’t get enough space

I just want for all this to stop,
I’m not sure if I can take it
Meeting such resistant designs
I long to recess, in brief,
Just to catch my breath
Her grating demands
Envelope, confine
The contents that occupy
My poor brain
Endless replies to beckoning calls
I’m strangled by the poles that are
Draped in wire
Track Name: Doors
Wearing thin,
Won't you let it begin?
If not now, will it ever be the right time?
Closing in,
Will it ever begin?
I try, you know that I try

Caged in skin;
My only caveat,
I carry with me, always
Only human,
Confined inside this
Rising feeling in my chest

"Come to me, lay beside."
She beckoned to me,
And I replied,
"Oh, my love, my wrists are tied;
These things take time."

Oh, breath by breath
I'll make my way
On stepping stones
Formed by each day I wait
These lonesome nights
Accompanied by the waves
Of thoughts, so clear
Tending to days, unfilled;
They're, oh, so vacant and far
From your touch, my dear
I'm gaining ground,
But approached by such fear

Dare I open this door,
Or should I leave it untold?
Dare I open this door?
Should I enter at all?
Track Name: I Do It To Myself
Didn't you know?
My heart is a stone
Haven't you heard?
I make myself alone
It's not what I planned,
But it's what I am
I do it to myself

I am no golden child
Oh, so lost, and not found
Scarce to err on the side of caution
My dark passenger's arrived
And she's got the chemical eyes,
She's looking alright
She's got the chemical lies,
She's lookin', oh...

But I'm just a smoking gun
Constructed of
Daggers and sharks

Then came the day
Stolen away
Enforcing the walls
That I built to stay
Then came the night
Swift and with might
Wrought with despair
And loathing, alike
Track Name: That's a Good Kitty
My best friend's a kitty cat
With a penchant for just taking naps
She lays around and loves to eat
She just wants a fancy feast

Kitty kitty kitty, meow meow
Kitty kitty, purr purr purr
Kitty! Aww...
Kitty, no!
Kitty, scratch!

That's a good kitty!
Meow meow meow meow meow...
Track Name: Treasure
From these heights
Tiny pinpricks of light
Shine in your eyes
Shine in your eyes

Our secret treasure;
Hiding place in this desert
I wish to go
Where we are not known
Our secret treasure
I wish to
Disappear with you

I'll soon go back to
Undiscovered eyes
The windows to
The part of you that never dies

You spawn from raindrops
You shine in the sunrise
Dance off the rooftops
Trickle down to the soft earth